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Schumacher places 5th in Poetry Int. at State Class B Speech Tournament

Megan Schumacher of Linton High School placed 5th in Poetry Interpretation at the State Class B Speech Tournament, held April 27, in Grand Forks. Schumacher, a sophomore, competed for Linton/Strasburg-Zeeland.

Schumacher finished behind Champion Colter Schoenfish of Fargo Oak Grove, Autumn Hurley (runner up) of Hazen, Jacee Engels (3rd) of New Rockford- Sheyenne, and McKensy Friedt (4th) of Richardton- Taylor. Schumacher also participated in Serious Duo (with Jace Ferderer) at state, but they did not reach the finals. Megan is the daughter of Brian and Sue Schumacher, and Jace is the son of Janelle Ferderer and Kevin Ferderer, all of Linton.

Four other Linton/S-Z speakers competed in the State Meet. Senior Samantha Barfield (daughter of Maria Schuetz of Linton) competed in Extemporaneous Programmed Reading, and junior Drew Ellingson (daughter of Dave and Renae Ellingson of Strasburg) competed in Radio Broadcasting. Sophomore Kevin Knapp (son of George Knapp of Linton) and freshman Shantel Lang (daughter of Todd and Terri Lang of Strasburg) competed in Serious Duo.

Kindred scored 66 points to capture the State Speech team championship. Richardton- Taylor had its streak of five straight State titles snapped, and finished second with 58 points. Hazen and Washburn finished in a tie for 3rd place with 41 points apiece, and North Sargent (34) placed 5th. Milnor (27), Mayville-Megan Schumacher of Linton/S-Z placed 5th in Poetry Interpretation at the State Class B Speech Meet on April 27. Schumacher also participated in Serious Duo during the State Speech Meet. Portland/Clifford-Galesburg (25) and Enderlin (20) rounded out the top eight teams.

Poetry Interpretation
1st: Colter Schoenfish (Fargo Oak Grove)
2nd: Autumn Hurley (Hazen)
5th: Megan Schumacher (Linton/Strasburg-Zeeland)
Ext. Programmed Reading
1st: Sarahbeth Waswick (North Sargent)
2nd:Alexandra Howatt (Northern Cass)
Participant: Samantha Barfield (Linton/Strasburg-Zeeland)
Radio Broadcasting
1st: Lindsey Zimmerman (Washburn)
2nd: Emma Twedt (Kindred)
Participant: Drew Ellingson (Linton/Strasburg-Zeeland)

Serious Duo
1st: Joey Ness/Nick Biewer (Kindred) 2nd: Bumgardner/Abuhl (Trinity Christian)
Participants: Megan Schumacher/Jace Ferderer and Shantel Lang/Kevin Knapp(Linton/Strasburg-Zeeland)

Speech to Entertain
1st: Nick Due (Washburn)
2nd: Alix Larsen (Milnor)

Speech to Persuade
1st: Kirstan Stave (Rolette)
2nd: Emma Twedt (Kindred)

Humorous Interpretation
1st: Ty Bloom (Richardton-Taylor)
2nd: Nick Due (Washburn)

Dramatic Interpretation
1st: Tessa Heitkamp (Kindred)
2nd: Alexia Hoff (Richardton-Taylor)

Impromptu Speaking
1st: Natalie Buck (Oakes)
2nd: Brady Wingenbach (MinotBishop Ryan)

Serious Interpretation
1st: Tessa Heitkamp (Kindred)
2nd: Maggie Zentner(Richardton-Taylor)

Extemporaneous Speaking
1st: Gavin Muscha (Richland)
2nd: Brandt Vernon (Hazen)

Speech to Inform
1st: Andrew Fugleberg (Mayville-Portland/Clifford-Galesburg)

Humorous Duo
1st: Maggie Zentner/Ty Bloom (Richardton-Taylor)
2nd: Sebens/Weber (Milnor)
1st: Ross Capouch (Mayville-Portland/Clifford-Galesburg)
2nd: Steven Miller (Glenburn)

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