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Readers Write

Dear Editor:

Enclosed is my check for renewal subscription for the Emmons County Record. By now it is well documented as to the importance it has for me. In the first place it is where I was born and grew up and graduated from high school. From there on most of my contact was through the Record especially after both parents had passed away. It was a good place to live and grow—it was thriving at the time and for a time it was bursting at the seams— floods, tornadoes, and the enticement of the larger towns began to slowly but surely take many bits and pieces from the town. The incredible enlightenment to me is the energy and creativity that goes into making the town viable even against tremendous odds. The many events that the “thinkers ‘come up with to keep people involved should be guidelines for many, many towns large or small. I could name them but time and paper are of the essence. The paper is outstanding with a variety of columns to appeal to all sectors of the area. The sports reportings are of the highest quality and detail… use of color where appropriate makes for a classy look and most of all it reflects the ingenuity and hard-working people of the area—“Never, Never Give Up” to paraphrase Jimmy Valvano. I have had the opportunity to travel to all the states of the Union except Hawaii andAlaska—the community of Linton takes a backseat to no one—money and numbers of people may make for bigger events but none with more heart!

Keep On Keeping On Linton—Better times are just around the corner—they have to be for such a group who hang tough!

Best wishes and Happy New Year as well as a Merry Christmas to all!

Sadie and Kay Jenkins
Granger, Ind.

(Sadie—Yep, she reads it too—she likes to see what the girls are doing and wearing (proms esp.) and what goes on in a small town—She’s a Detroit girl you know, but, making progress!)

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