2013-03-14 / Community News


By Beverly Patterson beverlypatterson555@yahoo.com

I’m not sure about Hazelton but March sure hasn’t been in a very good mood around here. It seems we’ve received wintry gifts from Mother Nature every six to seven days lately.

This past weekend was no exception. We received a bit of freezing rain followed by snow showers and heavy winds. Things can always be worse, so I suppose I better just accept what happens and think happy thoughts!

Early last week I received a card in the mail from Kent, Wash. I had no idea who Viola Langley was, but what I learned once I read her letter was how much she enjoys reading about Hazelton in the paper each week! Her encouraging words to me and the others who cover your events was so nice to hear. I know she’ll be reading this column, so I’m going to take the liberty to say “Hi” to Viola from all of you!

Are you a senior citizen? Are you ever free on Tuesdays around 2 p.m.? Do you have any idea where 167 Cottage Street is? If so, you are encouraged to meet up with J.M. and her boyfriend each week for some card playing. They always have a wonderful time and would sure love to have more of you joining them. They play pinochle and whist.

I know if I lived closer I would take my chances of getting thrown out due to an under age requirement as I’m betting it would be a good time. J.M. and her boyfriend couldn’t argue with me on that idea as they can’t wait for Tuesdays to roll around each week! Give it a try and then give me a call, so I can tell everyone what a great time you had!

I admit that I haven’t given you lots to read, but my plan is to take things slowly and get to know you a bit more as each week comes and goes.

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone. I’ll give you all of the numbers where I can be reached. Weekdays: 605-294-6272; evenings: 605-294-5874, and my cell: 701-680-7255. My email address is: beverlypatterson555@yahoo.com. My mailing address is 724 6th Ave., Claremont, SD 57432

If you get close to Claremont and want to stop into the only coffee shop in town I’ll buy you coffee! You realize that you’d be enjoying free coffee and putting yourself in the news the following week, sort of like killing two birds with one stone!

Thought for the day: The best time to do something really worthwhile is the time between yesterday and tomorrow! Have a great week!

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