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North Dakota House Report

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By Rep. Mike Brandenburg

I have been asked about where my newsletter is, and I will tell you that my wife had back surgery, so being at the hospital and legislature has delayed my report.

Education: Everyone is wondering what the $50 million buy down will mean for District 28, for property tax relief and what the government plan means.

I will explain this the best I can. If you are a school with 300 students or more, you are like the farmer who had the big crop and hit the top of the market, things look good.

If you are a school that has 185 students to 300 students, you are like the farmer who had an okay crop and didn’t quite hit the top of the market, but you will be okay.

If you are a school that has less than 185 students you are the farmer that had a big hail storm, and the banker told you to buy more hail insurance and now you are in trouble and need help.

Working with the Governor’s Office and the House Education Subcommittee, House Bill 1319, the Governor’s Bill, I have presented has an amendment that would change the weighting factors to allow schools to adjust from 185 students to 125 students, and this is half of the fix.Also, Rep. David Rust from Tioga has an amendment that raises the small but necessary school from 100 students to 125 students, therefore, fixing the small school problem.

Also, there is work being done to adjust the base line funding for schools and this will help schools that were left out in the previous $75 million property tax buy down.

Everyone is working to make this education plan better, and I believe in the end it will be.

Next report I will talk about county, cities and township funding. I hope to have good news as we are working on some serious funding.

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