2013-02-28 / Community News


Linton Public School

Feb. 28—March 6

Thursday, Feb. 28—BBQ on a bun, corn, Ripple chips, pineapple tidbits

Friday, March 1—Cheese pizza, green beans, pears

Monday, March 4—Chili Crispitos w/cheese, green beans, Mandarin oranges

Tuesday, March 5—Diced chicken, w/mashed potatoes & gravy,corn,mixed fruit

Wednesday, March 6— Chow Mein noodle hot dish, steamed broccoli, peaches

Strasburg Public School

Feb. 28—March 6

Thursday, Feb. 28—Turkey combo

Friday, March 1—Fish and vegetables

Monday, March 4—Alfredo noodles, fruit, vegetables

Tuesday, March 5—BBQ pork, beans, fruit, vegetables

Wednesday, March 6—Hot ham & cheese, fruit

HMB Public School

Feb. 28—March 6

Thursday, Feb. 28—Breakfast: Caramel roll. Lunch: Sloppy Joe

Friday, March 1—Breakfast: Caramel roll. Lunch: Grilled cheese and tomato soup

Monday, March 4—Breakfast: Omelet. Lunch: Chicken nuggets

Tuesday, March 5—Breakfast: French toast. Lunch: Salisbury steak

Wednesday, March 6— Breakfast: Muffins. Lunch: Sub sandwich

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