2013-02-28 / Columns

North Dakota House Report

District 28
By Rep. William E. Kretschmar

The North Dakota Legislature is fast approaching the time called Cross-Over, when all of the House bills must be passed and sent to the Senate, or defeated and placed in the paper shredder. And likewise for all the Senate bills which have been passed and sent to the House.

Then each house begins working on the bills from the other house, and the process starts reaching a conclusion. If bills are passed in different versions in each house, a conference committee is established to work out these differences. Sometimes this works quickly, but on many bills it takes a good while.And it is very probable that most of the major bills that have to do with education, highways and health and welfare will all be in conference committees before they are finally resolved. So keep watching legislative developments every day of the session.

The house has several laws regarding guns in North Dakota. None of these will try to have the state take control of privately owned guns, and we will continue to have the gun laws in place that we have now. There may be a few minor changes, but our citizens do not have to worry about the Legislature passing stricter gun laws. I am a hunter and do own some guns for hunting. The type of gun control that I do support is that the owner of the guns controls them, and I believe the vast majority of North Dakotans believe that same way.

The following was announced on the floor and printed in the House Journal. Rep. Brandenburg and I wish to congratulate the South Border Mustangs wrestling team for winning the 2013 Class B wrestling championship in Fargo this past weekend. South Border is a co-op of Ashley, Wishek and Zeeland students. They won the individual championship with 195 points and also won the dual championship as a team beating a strong Linton-HMB squad in the finals. And particular congratulations go to senior Blake Bosch of Wishek who set a new record for North Dakota by reaching a total of 240 wins over his wrestling career and was named Class B Senior Wrestler of the Year. The South Border team is coached by Josh Hoffman and Dwight Schilling, and assisted by Eugene Nolz. Very good work, South Border.

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