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How can I improve my health this year?

Your health and the health of your family are always moving. Health is always moving in either a positive or negative direction. Watching your health move is like watching the hour hand of a watch. It is difficult to see but we know it is moving.

In my last article I emphasized that, “It is far better to grow healthy kids than repair damaged adults.” This week I want to emphasize that, “It is far better to grow your health than to turn your health around after years of neglect.” Picture your future with good health vs. poor health. Whether you want to continue to grow your good health or if you need to turn your health around, you can do it but you need to look at it as a job and your pay or reward for making good health your job is worth more than gold or silver.

Dr. Steve Hoffman, a colleague of mine, has developed what he calls the Mastery Model which is a model to help anyone master just about anything. I would like to share the Mastery Model with you so that you can use it to achieve your health goal or any other goal to make 2013 the best year possible.

Get out a pen and paper and answer these questions as specifically as possible:

1. If your health could be BETTER, what would BETTER health look like to you?

2. If your health could be PERFECT, what would PERFECT health look like to you?

3. Share with another person what your “Perfect Health” goal is. Who could you communicate this vision of Perfect Health to who would support you in your quest to grow your health? If you can’t think of anyone, I invite you to visit with me about your vision and goal.

4. To accomplish your health goals it is often necessary to stop something before we can start something new. What would you have to stop doing?

5. What will your first action step be, the first thing you will start doing, to grow your health?

6. When will you commit to taking this step?

7. What is the next thing you will start doing and when will you begin doing it? (You may list more but we suggest you start one thing at a time.)

To keep you motivated write down the answer to these questions:

8. What would you be able to do, that you aren’t able to do now? What would be so good about accomplishing your health goal? How would your life be different?

9. Is there information or resources you need to accomplish your goal? Who can you get it from? When can you get it?

10. What weaknesses or obstacles will you have to overcome?

11. What strengths do you have that will help you?

12. What results do you want to see in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months? How will you reward yourself for each accomplishment?

It’s good to share not only our goals but our successes and failures. With the right tools and support we can all Master Perfect Health. I look forward to hearing from you and visiting with you about your health goals for the future.

Dr. Charles Weigel
Total Life Chiropractic
123 Lake Ave. West
Napoleon, ND

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