2013-01-31 / Community News

Strasburg Care Center

By Brenda Compaan

Visiting Dorothy Ryckman were Dan, Sandy, and Mason Ryckman and Russell and Elaine Ryckman.

Rose Wald visits with Martin Wald on a regular basis. Also stopping in was Regina Senger.

Harold Ryckman is here on a regular basis to visit with Mary Ryckman. Also stopping in were Jerome Pool and Sylvia Huizenga.

Clinton Dykema had company to include Frances Nieuwsma, Larry Leier, Ron Dykema, Carol Jean and Ernie Dykema, and Jerome Pool.

Visiting Lucinda Schneider this past week was Matt Schneider on several occasions. Also stopping in was Jenny Moch.

Those visiting with Bob Schreiner were Mark Schreiner on several occasions.

Visiting Irene Baumgartner on a regular basis is Andy Baumgartner. She also had company to include Joe T. and Melinda Baumgartner and TonyandJaniceBaumgartner.

Visiting with Harley and Marion Vander Vorst were Jim and Deb Vander Vorst.

Those stopping in to visit with Margaret Baumgartner were Joe T. and Melinda Baumgartner and Tony and Janice Baumgartner.

Those stopping to visit with Madge Leier were Al Leier on several occasions. Also stopping by were Larry Leier, Bruce and Judy Leier, Jerome Pool, Charles and Joleen Leier, and Vic and Barb Wald.

Ellen Tuttle had lots of company this past week to include Nattie Nagel, Carol Serr, Carl Snyder, Jane Conn, Lee and Sam Woods, Paige Paivell, Judy Rice, Sandy Ternes, and Jerome Pool.

Visiting Valerie Heim this past week was Pat Horner on several occasions.

Visiting with Irene Jahner were John and Barb Jahner.

Eddie Kramer Sr. comes to the nursing home on a regular basis to visit with his wife, Helen, and with many of the other residents. Also stopping in were Kathy Nagel, Nattie Nagel, Sandy Ternes, and Ralph and Eleanor Nieuwsma.

Visiting with Irene Will were Larry, Sharon, and Carmen Will, Curt Will, Deb Hochhalter, and Sheila Cook.

Stopping to visit with Julia Kiefer was Leo Kiefer.

Stopping in to visit with Alvin Sauter were Evan and Jade Sauter, Steven Sauter, Ralph and Eleanor Nieuwsma, Clyde and Sandy Wilson, Eric and Keriann Sauter and family, and Jerome Pool.

Visiting Marie Dryja were Leslie Jenner and Herman Jahner.

Those visiting with Wilma Myers were Ron and Richelle Jangula, Danielle and Hayley Jangula, and Myah Young.

Donnie Peterson had lots of company to include Judy Umber, James Berreth, Tori and Taylor Madden, Daniel Peterson, Teddie Vander Vorste, and Pastor Floyd Haan.

Johanna Heier was here to visit with Eileen Gienger.

Curt Will and Sheila Cook came by to visit with Perry Masset.

Stopping in to visit withAlvena Hehn was Jerome Pool.

Those stopping by to visit with Martha Heier were Kathy Hoffman, Lee and Johanna Heier, and Ken Heier.

Freda Kiemele’s company this past week was Ty and Jaden MacDonald, Jerilyn MacDonald, Della Beck, and John, Shannon, and John Colton Beck.

Les Kautz came by to visit with Bernice Kautz.

David Conn’s company this past week was Carl Snyder, Jonathan Snyder, Mary Jane Conn, Judy Rice, Sam and Lee Woods, Paige Paivell, and Jane Conn.

Keith, Connie, Seth, and Bethany Fjeldheim were here to visit with Billy DuBois.

On Thursday morning, the residents were invited to the dining room for something new in Bingo, coffee, and a snack. The residents enjoyed sharing stories with each other. Current events and let’s exercise followed in the activity room and in the B-wing south solarium. In the afternoon, the residents enjoyed scripture with Carol Jean Dykema in the chapel. Thank you, Carol Jean, for your hymnal singing and scripture lesson. Also, thank you to Marilyn Voller for playing the piano. Homemade bread with a variety of toppings was a hit for lunch along with a choice of beverage. The residents were invited to the activity room later in the afternoon for card club. We had several card players waiting to get started with a game of Pinochle or Gin Rummy. Fun and laughter was shared. Flippo was the name of the game for the evening in the dining room. The residents were anxious to yell out “Flippo” once their right cards were called out. Gargetto’s were given to each Flippo winner. Those winning a cash prize for the draw card were Rose Weichel and Barbara Rahrich. Fun and enjoyment was had by all.

Friday morning, coffee and something new in Bingo was offered to the residents in the dining room followed by manicures in the activity room. The ladies look forward to having their nails trimmed and polished. Thank you, activity staff, for pampering the ladies. Make Your Point was enjoyed in the dining room later in the afternoon. The residents did quite well choosing a topic and then answering the questions read by the activity staff. Homemade ice cream was served and enjoyed for lunch along with hot fudge topping. After supper, the residents were invited to the activity room for Word Match. The residents enjoy any type of trivia. Laughter and excitement was heard coming from the residents.

The Saturday morning activities consisted of coffee and SNIB followed by current events and let’s exercise. The afternoon’s resident’s choice activity was a surprise activity. The residents enjoyed trying their luck at tabletop bowling and all did quite well. The top bowlers were Albert Kraft, Bernice Wolf, and Julia Kiefer. For lunch, warm cookies and a beverage were served.

On Sunday morning, Mass on TV was held in the activity room followed by current events and let’s exercise. The Sunday afternoon’s resident’s choice activity was not to have any. The Strasburg Reformed Church was in charge of the Protestant Church Services. The service was held in the chapel under the direction of the Rev.Arvin Roos. Thank you, Rev. Roos, for the nice service. A time of fellowship followed in the dining room. Thank you to everyone that attended.

Monday morning, the day started with the residents enjoying a cup of coffee while they visited and had a snack. Current events and let’s exercise was held in the activity room and the B-wing south solarium. In the afternoon, a lot of noise and laughter could be heard coming from the dining room where the residents enjoyed playing Farkle. The residents always enjoy playing this dice game. For lunch, the residents were treated to Danish pastries and a choice of beverage to drink. In the evening, Sheila Ohlhauser assisted the residents to the chapel sing-along with Kellie Wikenheiser. Thank you, Kellie. The residents always enjoy having you sing.

On Tuesday morning, the residents attended SNIB and coffee in the dining room and visited with their friends while having a snack and their coffee. Book club was held in the activity room after dinner. Thank you to Ann Langeliers for leading the book club. The afternoon’s resident’s choice activity was cash Bingo. The dining room was a busy place as the residents waited for just the right numbers to be called. The lucky blackout winners were Julia Kiefer and Rudy Beska. Congratulations to the winners. The cash was donated by an anonymous donor. Thank you for the generous cash donation. The residents never get tired of winning a cash prize. For lunch, dietary prepared delicious kuchen bars. What a treat! Flippo was the name of the evening’s activity. The dining room was full of residents listening intently for their card to be called. Each winner was given a bag of Chex Mix. Thank you, Lori Bechtold, for a fun evening.

On Wednesday morning, Fr. Jason led the Rosary and Mass in the chapel. Thank you, Fr. Jason, for the nice service. Following the service lunch was served in the dining room. The ladies were anxious to get to the activity room so they could get their hair fixed or their fingernails polished. Kylie Eberhart volunteered to do manicures and fix hair as part of her requirements of her nursing program. Thank you, Kylie. The ladies said you can come back every week. Thank you to the activity staff that also does such a nice job pampering the ladies, you are the best. Good neighbor group was held in the B-wing south solarium. Thank you to the residents that attended to hear the story and to participate in the discussion. In the afternoon, the Strasburg Senior Citizens entertained by playing cash Bingo with the residents. Everyone was watching their cards closely and was hoping to win the blackout prize. The lucky blackout winners were Fern Ferderer and Lucinda Schneider. Congratulations, ladies. For lunch, the ladies served ice cream and cookies along with a choice of beverage to drink. Thank you for a fun afternoon.

Later in the afternoon, the activity staff read the news from the Emmons County Record and the Prairie Pioneer. The residents always like to hear what is happening in their hometown communities. Thank you, activity staff. After supper, the residents watched and listened to the old-time music on the large-screen TV in the activity room.

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