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Why should I take my child to a Chiropractor?

I am a family chiropractor. I treat patients of all ages from newborn infants to 80+ year old adults. Often when adults come to my office and see a child coming out of the adjusting room they will offer a sympathetic comment like, “It’s too bad a child so young has back problems.”

I’ve got great news! Most children who get chiropractic care don’t have back problems. The child who just came out of the adjustment room is much better off than the child who never gets a chiropractic adjustment. Why? The children who see a chiropractor do so to grow up as healthy as they possibly can and with less health problems. Their parents don’t want them to grow up with the same kind of health problems that they have. It is better and easier to grow healthy kids than to repair damaged adults.

It is important to realize that chiropractic is NOT the treatment of any specific condition. The purpose of chiropractic is to find and reduce stress and interference to the nervous system, called subluxations. These subluxations may be preventing the body from functioning as well as possible. A spinal adjustment frees joints, restores motion and relieves nerve pressure, which may be the cause of additional ailments. A subluxation is caused by physical, emotional, and chemical stress that affect the normal function of the nervous system. If a child has a subluxation, chiropractic adjustments can correct it now while it is in the early stages. Time after time, chiropractic care has been shown to allow the body to heal itself.

In newborn infants subluxations may come from the birth process, especially if the birth is assisted by forceps, vacuum, or pushing or pulling of any kind. Newborns should be checked by a chiropractor as soon as possible to make sure they don’t have any irritation to their nerves, especially in their upper necks. Irritation here can cause things like colic, disturbed sleep cycle, and ear infections. In toddlers and children of any age, subluxations may develop from other chemical stress, emotional stress, and physical stress such as falls, slips, bad posture, or sports.

The presence or effects of a subluxation might be physically visible as in a child with forward head posture, one shoulder higher than another, one hip higher than another, or head tilted to the side. A subluxation may be causing physical symptoms like digestive problems, ear infections, constant colds, headaches, bedwetting, sleep disturbances, muscle pain, or other chronic health problems. Subluxations can also cause behavioral problems or learning disabilities.

More good news! Children generally respond more quickly to adjustments because the subluxations haven’t been there for long. Chiropractic care is gentle, noninvasive, and drug free so there are basically no side effects and MANY side benefits.

Remember, “It’s better to grow healthy kids than repair damaged adults.” If you have any questions about chiropractic, or healthcare for children, give me a call.

Dr. Charles Weigel
Total Life Chiropractic
123 Lake Ave. West
Napoleon, ND

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