2013-01-10 / Letters

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

This letter is in regard to the newly passed state-wide ban on smoking in bars. To you who supported this measure, congratulations. You have succeeded in your endeavor to force myself and others like me to now stand out in the street to enjoy a tobacco product. According to this new law, we may stand no closer than 20 feet from an entry door, a window that opens, or an intake to a fan or air handler. A simple measuring tape will show that most sidewalks are well within these limits, thus forcing us to stand very near to traffic. This is especially troubling during the winter season when snow and ice make for difficult driving conditions as is. Please, if you are driving anywhere near a bar in the upcoming months, be aware of us. I’m quite sure that being struck by a vehicle is even worse for my health than the tobacco and to those of you who stood up and said that you would gladly go to a drinking establishment and play pool or darts or even just socialize if it weren’t for we nasty smokers, thank you for letting me know that my Balderdash Sensing meter is as finely tuned as ever.

Dennis Von Euw
Linton, N.D.

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